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Enzo E. Mari was born in Trieste in 1939.
An emerit teacher of Art, he owes his artistic education to the Istituto Statale d’Arte of his native town, where he qualified thanks to the guidance of the teachers Riccardo Bastianutto, Ugo Carà and Dino Predonzani.
Being sympathetic and keen on sharing values and objectives, which was also shown by his sports activity carried out at the highest levels as a player in a roller hockey team, Mari has always succeeded in cultivating fruitful relationships with both national and international artists.
Such human and professional attitude has led him to join other associations like the Gruppo & from Trieste, the Gruppo QUADRA, the Formae Mentis and the Accademia UNA.
However, the artist has not been prevented from carrying on an intense individual activity continuously fed by his passionate bent for experimentation and research on a thematic as well as linguistic basis.
So, he has managed to create an absolutely original and suggestive production.
In one of his critical essays, the scholar Sergio Molesi says: ”Enzo E. Mari has always been interested in catching the appearance and the substance of things, i.e. the phenomenal and noumenal aspect of reality.
That is to say, in artistic terms, the plastic and chromatic aspect of visual experience.”
“To serve this purpose, the artist has used the technique of pictorial frottage.
At first, Mari employed this means to deal with the theme of waste paper as a surface on which to imprint nature and artecraft.
Then, he was able to cope with the theme of skin on which the inner mind and the outward appearance of both space and historical time are to be imprinted.
By doing so, the face skin is shaped like a shroud or a banner showing the signs of personal and historical events.”
Enzo E. Mari took part in the artistic decoration of “Nereo Rocco” stadium in Trieste.
He has mounted several oneman shows and has participated in various art exhibitions at local, national and international level, becoming well known in Argentina, Austria, Germany, Portugal, Russia, Slovenia and in the USA.
He lives in Trieste and works in the same town together with the “Gruppo &” in the studio at via della Geppa, 4. He also works in the new atelier at Premariacco di Cividale.